Conga Drumming

Inner Beat with Jim Gillen

Connect to your inner beat with voices, hands and feet! TaKeTiNa Body percussion, singing and African drumming help you learn rhythm from the inside out while supporting the collective joy of group music making and movement. 

Ripe Fig Rhythms' Sampler and Soujourn CDs are also available with all taught rhythms to reinforce your learning after the workshop.

Jim Gillen is a certified TaKeTiNa Rhythm Teacher, co-founder of NGOMA and Ripe Fig Rhythms percussion ensembles and producer of Ripe Fig Rhythms and Yoga Renewal CDs.  He has been studying rhythm, drumming and dance since 1993.

"I learned that in order to stay on rhythm, I had to let go of the thought process and let my body take over... I was able to hear other drums and rhythms while maintaining my own thing.  When I got into a rhythm for a while, it was kind of like a mantra; I felt a sort of transcendence, like part of me was transported beyond the ordinary.  Pretty cool..."
-- Jeff Lasley

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