Lynea Gillen
Photo: Sherri McNamara

African Tribal Fusion Dance with Lynea Gillen

Broaden your troupe's repertoire by fusing high-energy West African dance with Tribal Belly dance moves and combinations.  By adding the sharp, percussive movements of African dance to your styling, you can add energy and contrast to the beautiful sensual style of Tribal Belly dance.  In addition, the aerobic workout from African dance will keep you in good cardiovascular shape!

Lynea can teach several different classes based on particular rhythms and themes such as dances for healing, celebration, harvest, freedom and flirtation.  When a theme is used in creating a dance, the language of the dance begins to speak more clearly.   By combining traditional steps with modern moves, a dance is created that both honors the ancestry and is relevant to the dancers who perform it in modern day America. Add live music by Ripe Fig Rhythms to make your class or workshop rock!

Lynea Gillen began her dance obsession under a big oak tree in the back yard after watching a movie on Isadora Duncan.  She has studied many forms of dance, but fell in love with the energy and spirit of West African dance over 20 years ago.  She has been studying Tribal Belly Dance for over 5 years, and currently teaches an African-Tribal fusion class at Caravan Studio in NE Portland.  She and her husband, Jim, co-founded Still Moving Yoga in SW Portland.

“Your workshop meant so much to me. I still sing the African chant about the river sometimes to myself as meditation.  You opened so many new doors with such grace, respect and love.  I'm glad you crossed my dance path!”
-- Melissa Wanamaker

“Lynea's passion is to light up the spirit in dancers by helping them release into the freedom and joy of playful movement.”

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