Yoga Class

Yoga for Dancers

Extend your dance life with Anusara yoga therapeutics. Low back, knees, shoulders and neck can be over stressed through the wide range of motion performed in dance. In this workshop you will learn how to protect and heal these areas by learning specific alignment and therapeutic techniques. Yoga means "union" and learning how to connect powerfully and gracefully through your "core" (hips, low back, abs) will bring safety, beauty and fluid power to all of your movements. 

Jim Gillen is a lifelong athlete, former African dancer and 30-year yoga practitioner. He has been teaching yoga since 1997 and is a Registered Yoga Teacher, member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and an affiliated Anusara yoga instructor.  He currently teaches yoga classes and therapeutic workshops at his studio Still Moving Yoga, Portland Parks, Physical Therapy Associates, Amrita, a sanctuary for yoga and at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland.

Shoulder Roll Placement


"Jim’s friendly encouragement and gentle enthusiasm make him an ideal teacher.  He gives constant instruction and feedback on the various postures and is extremely adept at individualizing postures to accommodate injuries.  He has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and structures his classes around common problem areas."
-- Dr. Nancy Grant